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Foot Oil On Sexy Toes

Here’s some hot sexy feet for you! This woman oils up her feet and toes and rubs them together. Foot massage, anyone?

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Chinese Woman Crushing A Kitten

I wanted to address the controversy surrounding a crush video out there showing a Chinese woman stomping on and then crushing a kitten to death. I haven’t seen the video, but the trampling or crushing of a live animal is NOT something I will ever do. I love kittens and can’t understand how this woman (who apparently is a nurse) could kill a poor defenseless animal.

The worst part is that her actions have given the squish crushing fetish a bad name. People are now associating the fetish of trampling, squishing, crushing or stomping on ANYTHING as terrible, when, in fact, it’s not at all, as long as it’s not a living creature. I step on and squish fun objects like cupcakes, eggs, grapes etc., but I don’t hurt anyone or anything. I might stomp on your cock though if you’re not nice to me! Remember that! lol


Sexy Foot Cream Rubbing Video

This is a short video clip of a woman rubbing foot cream over her feet and sexy toes. Short but sweet.