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Trampled Doll Bits Squish Crushing Blues

Here is my latest squish crushing video of me putting my foot down on a little doll. I trample and step on it with my feet and toes. I, as the giantess, show no mercy! I dominate and toy with the doll under my bare feet and heels. Imagine if that doll was you! You are a slave to my feet!!


My Squish Crushing Cupcake Video!

Here is my 1st attempt at trampling and squishing a little pink frosted cupcake. This is from my remixed Revver video. There is a YouTube version as well. If you like this crushing video please post more suggestions in the comments section either here or at my site. Enjoy!!


My Crushing Squish Videos

Hello and welcome to my sexy squish crushing blog. I like to crush and stomp things with my feet and sexy high heels and I like the feel of squishing things between my toes. Would you like to see me put my foot down or trampling something?  Check back here often because I will be posting my video clips for you to see. Feel free to leave comments if you have any special requests of something you would like to see me step on!

I also will be offering compilation DVD’s of my crush videos at my main website very soon. thanks!