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Mistress Boot Licker

As your Mistress, I sometimes command you to lick my boots. You will NOT whine and you will NOT make excuses. You will just DO it!! When I present my feet to you in ANY way, you must obey me and worship them as my foot slave. Do you understand? Now, watch my Mistress boot licker video and do what I tell you…


YouTube suspended my account because they’re dumb. Get the full, uncensored version at my Sleepysquid Femdom Clips Store!


Redheaded Fin Domme Mistress

I just wanted to let everyone know that my new Mistress Shannon blog is finally up and running to the point where I can now accept new slaves. You can view any of my new femdom videos there, and I’ll still be posting all my foot crush and feet fetish videos here in this blog, as usual.

If any of you feel the overwhelming desire to serve and be dominated or humiliated by me, then get your ass over to my Mistress Shannon redheaded fin domme blog NOW!!!

Hmmm, now I feel the urge to CRUSH something…


Kiss Your Mistress Feet!

Well, actually, kiss my high heels shoes AND my feet, now! This is me as Mistress Shannon, your redheaded foot fetish dominatrix. I thought you might like me posting this video here. I’m not crushing anything, except maybe your ego, you little worm! You are not worthy to lick my shoes! Now pay attention to me and worship my feet! I’ll be posting more like this on my new financial domination money slavery blog. Visit if you dare!!