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Jessica The Online Foot Goddess

As the top of Jessica’s foot rested on top of his face, Peter’s eyes slowly started to open. He felt the pressure on his nose and chin, but hated to move it, as he loved her delectable feet. He laid there for a few minutes embracing the moment. The slight aroma of her foot as he calmly inhaled through his nose, gave him butterflies in his stomach. He adored her feet more than anything. Her soft skin, her long painted toes, and the lovely high arches. The list could go on for days.

He laid very still, as he didn’t want to wake her. Jessica deserved the very best he could give. Peter smiled as he reflected on her achievements over the past year. At the age of 33, she was quite the accomplished woman. He admittedly found himself being jealous as the men grovelled over her feet, even though it was just online.

Jessica’s career as an online Foot Goddess took off rather quickly. She would pamper those tantilizing size nine feet on a regular basis, especially before she would go on webcam. Peter enjoyed watching her rub the lotion over those gorgeous, soft skinned feet. The way her toes would curl, and how the wrinkles on her soles would move about as she worked the lotion in the pours of her skin. She would casually walk over to him sometimes as he sat on the couch. He loved it when she was getting into character. She made him feel so submissive in a matter of seconds. Read the rest of this entry »