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Live Foot Cams

pink-striped-socks4Imagine being able to walk into a room, filled with whatever you ever wanted in non nude fetishes. Bare feet, wrinkly soles, sock feet, painted toes, wiggly toes, foot pumping, pedal pumping, foot crushing, food crushing and much more.

LiveFootCams is a new webcam service (pre-paid or per minute charges), which doesn’t just deal with feet. It surrounds different non nude fetishes too. Such as hair fetishes, eating fetishes, smoking fetishes, blowing up balloons, popping balloons, shaving legs and so on and so forth.

You’ll be able to request the web model to do a variety of things, however make sure you ask, just in case she doesn’t have certain items readily available to her. PLUS you’ll be able to send in suggestions directly to the model herself!

You will also be able to text with a pre-paid plan or per text plan, so you’ll be able to do sexting to keep you in the mood for the upcoming show.

I am excited for this new cam site, Live Foot Cams, because I have been offered the opportunity to be THE model for this foot cam service. I was surprised when I was given this chance to be a live foot cam model, and I will run with it for as long as I can.

I look forward to meeting those of you who want to see my glorious feet!!!


Sincerely and secretly yours…

Bella Bunnie


Money Slavery Domination Arcade

I just wanted to let all my fans and potential slaves know about a new domination arcade I put together as a money slavery fin domme. I had noticed that other dommes had a simple game or two on their sites basically telling you to click on a button to see if you can cum or not. Well, that’s not good enough for me. I want my slaves to truly EARN their cum privileges!

To that end, I put together an adult arcade that has lots of hentai sex games, anime babes and 3d strip fun. The difference here is that I issue regular high score challenges that a slave must beat in order to be allowed to cum. This is in addition to the usual cum allowance I give my sub male financial domination pay piglets.

There will also be a big contest with the winner getting a cam show with me where I can trample something with my feet or just dominant you on webcam. It’s your prize, so it’s your choice! My money slavery domination arcade is free, but you need to register to get in on the challenges and competition. I will DEFEAT you there!!!


Redheaded Fin Domme Mistress

I just wanted to let everyone know that my new Mistress Shannon blog is finally up and running to the point where I can now accept new slaves. You can view any of my new femdom videos there, and I’ll still be posting all my foot crush and feet fetish videos here in this blog, as usual.

If any of you feel the overwhelming desire to serve and be dominated or humiliated by me, then get your ass over to my Mistress Shannon redheaded fin domme blog NOW!!!

Hmmm, now I feel the urge to CRUSH something…