My Foot Fetish Videos

Several of my fans have shown interest in wanting to purchase my foot fetish videos, but couldn’t because of issues like not having a credit card (or not wanting to use it online) or being unable to afford it (maybe you’re just a cheap bastard?? lol).

Well, I think I’ve found a solution, at least for some of you! I’ve made a deal with a sponsor who provides surveys and offers that you can do to get credits, which you can then use to “buy” my clips. There is also an added SMS option to pay through your cellular as well.

How it works is you sign up to my blog using the register link in the sidebar on the right and then when you visit the site after being logged in you will see a link in that same spot that opens a survey/offer panel. You will see how many credits you get for each one listed, so do as many as you like to get the free foot fetish videos you want! (Not all countries have offers available to them, but new ones are being added every day, so check back often to see what’s new!)

Come back to this page when you have the cr. amount you need and simply click the “buy” button below to receive the clip you want for FREE!!

I have chosen some of my most popular vids from my foot crush clips store (open this link for the full descriptions and teasers) so you can now either purchase the title you want from there or get the exact same ones free here!

Here is the list of what is available (refer to my store link for samples):


More will be added over time, and don’t forget to use the referral link you are given as a member of to refer others for added bonus points!