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Live Foot Cams

pink-striped-socks4Imagine being able to walk into a room, filled with whatever you ever wanted in non nude fetishes. Bare feet, wrinkly soles, sock feet, painted toes, wiggly toes, foot pumping, pedal pumping, foot crushing, food crushing and much more.

LiveFootCams is a new webcam service (pre-paid or per minute charges), which doesn’t just deal with feet. It surrounds different non nude fetishes too. Such as hair fetishes, eating fetishes, smoking fetishes, blowing up balloons, popping balloons, shaving legs and so on and so forth.

You’ll be able to request the web model to do a variety of things, however make sure you ask, just in case she doesn’t have certain items readily available to her. PLUS you’ll be able to send in suggestions directly to the model herself!

You will also be able to text with a pre-paid plan or per text plan, so you’ll be able to do sexting to keep you in the mood for the upcoming show.

I am excited for this new cam site, Live Foot Cams, because I have been offered the opportunity to be THE model for this foot cam service. I was surprised when I was given this chance to be a live foot cam model, and I will run with it for as long as I can.

I look forward to meeting those of you who want to see my glorious feet!!!


Sincerely and secretly yours…

Bella Bunnie


New Foot Crushing Videos

Yes, I finally have some new foot crushing videos posted on my crush clips store here. Being back in college I got so busy that I never had time to indulge my favorite fetish, but I’ve made up for it by posting several new vids in the past few days.

I’ve trampled and stomped to bits everything from bread to toothpaste to electronics and even a couple of movies I hated. That was a fun one!! They’re all shot inside because it’s winter here, but soon I’ll be outside and I have lots of plans for new scenes to shoot. That should keep my fans happy for awhile 🙂

I also want to upgrade my shitty camera to something in HD quality, so if anyone out there wants to be the generous donor for that one just let me know your contact info (email) in the comments. In the meantime, here are a couple of video screenshots from the latest clips.

Crush ya later!!

NOTE: The Clips4sale site where my store is has been having problems lately and sometimes doesn’t load properly or even show any content, so if you don’t see any clips listed (there should be dozens of them), then just bookmark it and try again later. Thanks!


Plastic Toy Car Crush Video

It’s been awhile since I added one of my own crushing videos here, but I made a few new ones recently, which can be purchased at my foot crush clips store for just a few dollars, so I thought I’d put up a teaser clip for everyone to see first. All I ask is that you support my clip store, so I can continue to make more of these. Learn how to get my videos free here!

This is from a plastic toy car crush video and features my famous red trampling boots, which is more like stomping here with all the parts flying as I smash everything to bits! Those poor race cars never knew what hit them! lol

I’m able to do a few select requests, if there is anything interesting you would like to see crushed. Just leave a comment with your idea below…


Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking

I added this for a bit of fun and I think it’s appropriate for my blog here. I’ll be making a boot crush video soon, but for now enjoy the music vid for Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Are Made For Walking”…

One of these days my boots are gonna walk all over YOU!!!


Giantess Foot Crush Doll


This giantess foot crush doll series looks kinda fun. Doesn’t the doll look a bit like Elvis??? Well, except where she crushes his head with her toe! She has nice giant feet and pretty toes, but I’d stay on her good side unless you want to wind up like a headless action figure!

Oh, and the giantess is named Anastasia…you better play nice!!


Nylon Feet Crushing Video

Here is my latest and greatest nylon feet crushing video! Actually, it’s the first one I’ve ever done just wearing nylons. I felt naked with no shoes! lol

I trample and squish some olives between my toes this time. It got very slippery on the board, and it was outside too, which was kinda cool for a change of scenery. Anyway, if you like foot fetish videos involving hose or stockings then you might like this one.

You can also buy all the full, complete versions of my vids at my foot fetish femdom clips store!! Tell your friends!!


Anime Toy Crushing

Here’s a cute, short clip from an anime show of a girl crushing a bunch of toys under her feet. Or maybe they aren’t really toys. I dunno. I thought it was interesting. 🙂


Foot Fetish Videos!

Hi! I am a foot fetish Mistress who likes to make crush videos. I had a blog on wordpress called “squish crushing” by sexyredhead but it got terminated by the people in power over there, so I rebuilt it here!

Every post before this one is reposted from the old squish crush video blog, so hopefully there aren’t too many broken links or any weird errors going on. Take a look around, watch my foot fetish videos and leave a comment.

If you like feet or redheads, then I’m sure you’ll love me!!


Boot Banana Crush Video

I have made quite a few videos where I squish and trample objects with my sexy shoes and bare feet, but I’ve never really used the power of my boots. That is until now! This video features me with my red hot boots in a crush video involving a very squished banana! The banana is my boot slave as I crush it with my heavy, hard heel until it is very squished and flattened.

I like to dominate and I like to tease! I like to CRUSH things under me! Anyone wanna be my boot slave?? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…