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Foot Fetish Videos!

Hi! I am a foot fetish Mistress who likes to make crush videos. I had a blog on wordpress called “squish crushing” by sexyredhead but it got terminated by the people in power over there, so I rebuilt it here!

Every post before this one is reposted from the old squish crush video blog, so hopefully there aren’t too many broken links or any weird errors going on. Take a look around, watch my foot fetish videos and leave a comment.

If you like feet or redheads, then I’m sure you’ll love me!!


Foot Crush Marshmallow Peanut Fetish

Anyone here have a marshmallow peanut fetish? I LOVE those things! So, it got me to thinking that maybe they would be good to trample on with my feet. They squish and flatten ever so nicely. I used big heavy heel open toe shoes for this foot crush video. It’s like a big block of wood squishing the candy. My giantess feet wins again! lol

Speaking of winning, I wanted to shout out a special hello to all those who joined my free domination games site. A lot of games have been played and it’s been a lot of fun. I’d like to point out that there is still no one who has beat my top score yet…go me!! ūüôā


Cherry Squishing Foot Video

Hi all!! Here is my latest and greatest foot fetish video! I gather up a bunch of cherries with my feet in sexy shoes and then I trample down on them. Turn up your speakers to hear the squish sound that each cherry makes as I crush it with my heel…splat!!

This was a fun foot video to make and I made it outside to change up the background a bit. Don’t you just love my shoes??? Enjoy!!


Amateur Teen Feet In Nylons

Hey guys and gals!! Here’s another cute video from Footcapper showing an amateur teen girl in the park wiggling her feet in a pair of nylons. I like videos shot outdoors personally, so I like this one. Short and sweet.

I still have a couple of my own sexy foot videos in the works, but I’ve been so busy¬†getting ready for¬†school now that things are a bit hectic. Stay tuned for more feet videos!


Kiss Your Mistress Feet!

Well, actually, kiss my high heels shoes AND my feet, now! This is me as Mistress Shannon, your redheaded foot fetish dominatrix. I thought you might like me posting this video here. I’m not crushing anything, except maybe your ego,¬†you little worm! You are not worthy to lick my shoes! Now pay attention to me and¬†worship my feet! I’ll be posting more like this on my new financial domination money slavery blog. Visit if you dare!!


Footcapper Flip Flop Feet

I hope everyone enjoyed my last foot crush video. I’m working on ideas for 2 more, but in the meantime here is one by the footcapper of 2 females dangling their flip flop sandals off their toes and then rubbing their sexy feet together. This foot fetish video has a very sensual and erotic quality about it. Feet erotica? You tell me! The music ruins it a bit for me, as it’s not really sensual, but you can just turn¬†off the sound. Enjoy!



Grapes Squishing Foot Crush Video 2

Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is…my 2nd grape squishing video! I squish a whole bunch of grapes in this latest foot crush video. Big fat grapes too! I tease a few lightly with my toes and bare feet and then I stomp on the pile mercilessly! All the grapes get trampled under my barefeet. They are dominated by my feet and heels! I hope you enjoy watching me trample and crush these objects. Please leave comments!


Foot Fetish Requests

If you have a foot fetish, I’d like to hear from you! I know there are lots of fans of feet porn and foot fetish stuff, but I’d like some ideas for my next video. What should I trample? Or maybe I shouldn’t crush anything with my feet in my next video. Should I do a “straight” foot video, maybe painting my toes or massaging my feet? If you like my feet, then let me know! I’m appealing to all you foot fetish fans out there…please leave comments!


Live Webcam Crush Videos

I just wanted to remind everyone that I can crush objects with my feet or in heels on live webcam if you want me to.¬† The details of my live cam shows can be found on my Atlantic Shanny site. Just email me your request as to what you would like to see me squish or trample under foot, heels, shoes or bare feet. It’s live squish crushing foot fetish fun!