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Redheaded Fin Domme Mistress

I just wanted to let everyone know that my new Mistress Shannon blog is finally up and running to the point where I can now accept new slaves. You can view any of my new femdom videos there, and I’ll still be posting all my foot crush and feet fetish videos here in this blog, as usual.

If any of you feel the overwhelming desire to serve and be dominated or humiliated by me, then get your ass over to my Mistress Shannon redheaded fin domme blog NOW!!!

Hmmm, now I feel the urge to CRUSH something…


Adult Sex Toys – Vibrators Dildos

Have you ever considered that people seek sexual pleasure and understanding their entire lives? They change partners, they change where they live, they change their personal and others’ lives. But, there’s an alternative to that…sex toys.

Using sex toys won’t bring any harm to your health or any discomfort to your relationship. More than that, sex toys can re-ignite the sparkle of dim passion and make you feel more attracted by your partner. When using adult sex toys together with your partner it will allow you to fully open your mind, and finally get from sex what you really like and want. Also by means of sex toys, you can discover new and wild secret spots on the body of your partner, which will get him/her excited, during foreplay.

Also, masturbation with sex toys, from a routine hand-job turns into a fantastic self-pleasure play, with many great sensations from thrilling and surprising to realistic and life-like dildos. While some claim that there’s nothing better than hands (although mine get worn out! lol), others enjoy better, naughtier and kinkier ways of solo fun and games.

Ok, hopefully this will help you guys to take another view on sex toy plays and sex toys in general. Everything is in your hands. You’re the one to decide whether to accept new sensations or reject them but I’m gonna go play with my vibrator right now, and you KNOW ehat that does to me! ooh!!