Jessica The Online Foot Goddess

As the top of Jessica’s foot rested on top of his face, Peter’s eyes slowly started to open. He felt the pressure on his nose and chin, but hated to move it, as he loved her delectable feet. He laid there for a few minutes embracing the moment. The slight aroma of her foot as he calmly inhaled through his nose, gave him butterflies in his stomach. He adored her feet more than anything. Her soft skin, her long painted toes, and the lovely high arches. The list could go on for days.

He laid very still, as he didn’t want to wake her. Jessica deserved the very best he could give. Peter smiled as he reflected on her achievements over the past year. At the age of 33, she was quite the accomplished woman. He admittedly found himself being jealous as the men grovelled over her feet, even though it was just online.

Jessica’s career as an online Foot Goddess took off rather quickly. She would pamper those tantilizing size nine feet on a regular basis, especially before she would go on webcam. Peter enjoyed watching her rub the lotion over those gorgeous, soft skinned feet. The way her toes would curl, and how the wrinkles on her soles would move about as she worked the lotion in the pours of her skin. She would casually walk over to him sometimes as he sat on the couch. He loved it when she was getting into character. She made him feel so submissive in a matter of seconds.

Peter thought of all the times Jessica would stand in front of him wearing nothing but a towel, as she was fresh out of the shower. Caressing his face, brushing his hair with her fingers, bending down to kiss him; only to grab a hold of his hair tightly, shoving the lotion in his face and ordering him to lotion her feet up for the other men to enjoy. She would sit in the chair in front of him, as he gladly moisturized her one foot while the other was pushing against his face. Her toes would curl inside his mouth as he’d hit the soft spots on her other foot. She loved being dominant, and she loved her online career as a Foot Goddess.

It all began with people commenting on how beautiful her feet were. Peter was ashamed of his foot fetish until she took notice of his behaviour. It was something that was never talked about, but once it was noticed she loved using it and abusing it to get what she wanted. He mentioned to Jessica how she should pursue a foot modeling career, but she just laughed it off like it was a joke, then used his face as a foot stool.

About a month later, Jessica had discovered a book online. It was about how to become successful with being a Foot Model. The book was called “Digital Sex Work: How Your Webcam, Cell Phone, & Pedicure Can Make You Rich “. Peter closed his eyes, and smiled again as he reminisced about the times they would lay back on the bed for some “quiet time” or that’s what she called it. Every time he would lay at the foot of the bed, just so she could place those glorious feet upon his face as she read her books. She absorbed everything about that book, and then she ran with it.

After she read ” Digital Sex Work “, Jessica started getting regular pedicures, and using Peter more as her “Foot Maintenance/Photographer Man”, as it was his duty to take care of her feet by lotioning, and using the pedi egg to take the calluses off her soles. She practiced her dominant side on him on a steady basis, getting into her role. She was damn good at it, and he relished in it every time this happened. She was a true Foot Goddess. Molded to absolute perfection.

Jessica would take Peter shopping for shoes, and sandals. She would make him place the heels and mules on her sensuous, panty hose covered feet. He drooled as she would let them dangle off of her succulent painted toes; how it accentuated her wonderful arches, and smooth heels. The calves of her legs would flex every time Peter would take the footwear on and off. She would use the ones he picked out for her webcam sessions, and for the photo sets she has sold.

Peter enjoyed being the one to take pictures of her feet, immensely. Jessica had even gone so far as to create a photo album just for him. One of his favorite pictures was of Jessica’s foot, wearing the teddy bear toe ring he had bought her for Christmas. His cock pulsates every time he opens that album. It gets new pictures in it on regular intervals, as she feels she has to continue having recent content for her clients.

As she sits at her computer uploading YouTube videos, writing on her personal foot fetish blogs, and as she’s updating her social media accounts, Peter is down by her feet lying on his back. Jessica massages his face with one foot, while rubbing his hard dick with the other. Complete satisfaction for Peter. Just last night she did this. When she updates her stuff, she gets into character right away, making use of Peter whenever, and however she can. Jessica even makes him package up her used panties, pantyhose, socks, etc so she can mail them to her clients when they order her “Personal Goods”.

Peter’s eyes opened back up as he felt Jessica’s foot moving off of his face. His beauty had just woke up. Being completely naked, her ass was taunting him from that angle until she turned around and laid in his arms. She seen his erection, but paid no attention. Jessica had plans for him that day. Big plans, as she was going to practice giving him specific instructions. Jerk off instructions, while working the aspect of Cum Denial at the same time. She’s expanding yet again with her career, and she loves using Peter as her guinea pig. She believes if it wasn’t for that book, she would have never known how to go about making this possible.

Jessica lifted her head up and looked up into Peter’s deep brown eyes, and began to smile. He inquired what she was smiling about, and her response was “If you only knew, my dear Peter… If you only knew…”

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