Foot Crush Marshmallow Peanut Fetish

Anyone here have a marshmallow peanut fetish? I LOVE those things! So, it got me to thinking that maybe they would be good to trample on with my feet. They squish and flatten ever so nicely. I used big heavy heel open toe shoes for this foot crush video. It’s like a big block of wood squishing the candy. My giantess feet wins again! lol

Speaking of winning, I wanted to shout out a special hello to all those who joined my free domination games site. A lot of games have been played and it’s been a lot of fun. I’d like to point out that there is still no one who has beat my top score yet…go me!! 🙂

One Response to “Foot Crush Marshmallow Peanut Fetish”

  1. voiceslave says:

    Holy Goddess,

    this video has a special meaning for me.

    In the beginning as Your slave You ordered me to watch this wonderful video. You even allowed me to masturbate and cum.

    I still remember how greedy I watched Your holy feet. How I stared at every little move of Your divine toes. How I loved the beauty and the power of Your feet.

    I remember that I felt so near to You. I even thought I could smell your holy scent.

    Then I had such a strong explosion that I shouted out loud Your name.

    Thank You very much, my Queen…

    Your voiceslave

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