Foot Fetish Requests

If you have a foot fetish, I’d like to hear from you! I know there are lots of fans of feet porn and foot fetish stuff, but I’d like some ideas for my next video. What should I trample? Or maybe I shouldn’t crush anything with my feet in my next video. Should I do a “straight” foot video, maybe painting my toes or massaging my feet? If you like my feet, then let me know! I’m appealing to all you foot fetish fans out there…please leave comments!

9 Responses to “Foot Fetish Requests”

  1. Core2 says:

    It would be great if you could do another barefoot grape crush video. IMO, that is something that is appealing to majority of FF comunity. I know you’ve done this before, but that video was relatively short with very little grapes. I thonk you should make another one with more grapes and crushing styles (casual walkovers, crush with heel, with ball of your foot…). That would be great!



  2. Jelena says:

    Yes, you should deffinetaly do another barefoot grape squish, but longer with more grapes. I totally agree with Core2 about how you should squish them (with your heel or toes, or whatever…)! (We all) hope you’ll consider doing it!



  3. anonymous ;) says:

    Hi! I saw your videos and I must say they’re very good! Your grape squish video was the best, imo, so as far as I’m concerned, please do another one. 😉 I’m with those guys/girls above – make a longer clip with more grapes. btw, I’m a 21 years old girl (not bi or lesbian), but for some reason, I really like seeing other girls squishing grapes with their bare feet. I’ve tried it myself, but it wasn’t so exciting or sexy :). So PLEASE do another one, and if you can include some “walk-overs” (I like it casual).

    Thank you for your time and effort, and I really hope you will do it!

    C ya!

  4. Walton says:

    Oh yes, another sexy barefoot grapes crush would be awesome! Please make another one!

  5. jason says:

    hey I wanna see you crush some cd’s cd player somthing of that nature with some sneakers that would be great like avril and britney cd’s crushed or just some music cd in general. thanx a bunch

  6. chimchim says:

    It would TOEtally awesome if you trampled a guy with no shirt on, and fed him
    those succulent toes while you’re doing it!!!

  7. bigkid142003 says:

    what can i say, you have very sexy feet, your youtube videos are exellent, if i was close to where you lived and seen you walking my way, i would lay a small satin rug down for you to walk over, you sexy feet deserve only the best under them.

    my youtube channel is bigkid142003 for those who would like to give a small satin rug to a lady to walk on, just a thought though.

  8. dave says:

    would lov to see some ( car or truck crush ) lol

  9. Carlos says:

    I would love to see you walk bare-footed over the pictures of Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Vanessa hudgens and even my picture. That is a great turn on for me when i see female fet crushing the pictures of other woman.

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