Chinese Woman Crushing A Kitten

I wanted to address the controversy surrounding a crush video out there showing a Chinese woman stomping on and then crushing a kitten to death. I haven’t seen the video, but the trampling or crushing of a live animal is NOT something I will ever do. I love kittens and can’t understand how this woman (who apparently is a nurse) could kill a poor defenseless animal.

The worst part is that her actions have given the squish crushing fetish a bad name. People are now associating the fetish of trampling, squishing, crushing or stomping on ANYTHING as terrible, when, in fact, it’s not at all, as long as it’s not a living creature. I step on and squish fun objects like cupcakes, eggs, grapes etc., but I don’t hurt anyone or anything. I might stomp on your cock though if you’re not nice to me! Remember that! lol

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  1. Jelena says:

    I totally support you! I think crushing stuff for fun or pleasure of your partner is perfectly OK as long as it does not include crushing small (or large) living animals. I don’t have any problems stepping on grapes, but I DO have a problem with stepping on mice or, even worse, kittens (or puppies, or anything living). I mean, how can someone (sane) intentionally step on, and crush a kitten to death is really beyond me.

  2. Amy says:

    That makes me sick that someone would crush a kitten that is alive that is horrible. I almost wish I didn’t even see this link to have read about this. I wish I could find that person to give them some pain.

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