Balloon Fetish Looner Clips

We don’t just do foot fetish clips. Nope! We also do other non-nude fetishes, including balloon popping (B2P) and inflating and we enjoy it immensely. Does that make us looner chicks? You decide!

Have a look at some of our videos involving balloons in the grid below…


Hope you see something you like! Enjoy!

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Live Foot Cams

pink-striped-socks4Imagine being able to walk into a room, filled with whatever you ever wanted in non nude fetishes. Bare feet, wrinkly soles, sock feet, painted toes, wiggly toes, foot pumping, pedal pumping, foot crushing, food crushing and much more.

LiveFootCams is a new webcam service (pre-paid or per minute charges), which doesn’t just deal with feet. It surrounds different non nude fetishes too. Such as hair fetishes, eating fetishes, smoking fetishes, blowing up balloons, popping balloons, shaving legs and so on and so forth.

You’ll be able to request the web model to do a variety of things, however make sure you ask, just in case she doesn’t have certain items readily available to her. PLUS you’ll be able to send in suggestions directly to the model herself!

You will also be able to text with a pre-paid plan or per text plan, so you’ll be able to do sexting to keep you in the mood for the upcoming show.

I am excited for this new cam site, Live Foot Cams, because I have been offered the opportunity to be THE model for this foot cam service. I was surprised when I was given this chance to be a live foot cam model, and I will run with it for as long as I can.

I look forward to meeting those of you who want to see my glorious feet!!!


Sincerely and secretly yours…

Bella Bunnie


Jessica The Online Foot Goddess

As the top of Jessica’s foot rested on top of his face, Peter’s eyes slowly started to open. He felt the pressure on his nose and chin, but hated to move it, as he loved her delectable feet. He laid there for a few minutes embracing the moment. The slight aroma of her foot as he calmly inhaled through his nose, gave him butterflies in his stomach. He adored her feet more than anything. Her soft skin, her long painted toes, and the lovely high arches. The list could go on for days.

He laid very still, as he didn’t want to wake her. Jessica deserved the very best he could give. Peter smiled as he reflected on her achievements over the past year. At the age of 33, she was quite the accomplished woman. He admittedly found himself being jealous as the men grovelled over her feet, even though it was just online.

Jessica’s career as an online Foot Goddess took off rather quickly. She would pamper those tantilizing size nine feet on a regular basis, especially before she would go on webcam. Peter enjoyed watching her rub the lotion over those gorgeous, soft skinned feet. The way her toes would curl, and how the wrinkles on her soles would move about as she worked the lotion in the pours of her skin. She would casually walk over to him sometimes as he sat on the couch. He loved it when she was getting into character. She made him feel so submissive in a matter of seconds. Read the rest of this entry »


Bella Starts Up Her Porsche

Bella (Bunnie) has a bitchin’ ride with her classic Porsche and the newest clip in our store shows her starting it up for the first run of the summer (it’s covered over in the winter). She pumps the pedals with her bare feet in dark sandals (flip-flops) and revs the engine a few times before getting out, closing the hood and then backing out of the driveway.

It’s a short, simple video, and part 2 will continue on with her driving the Porsche further, so look out for that one in our store as well! It’s a lot of fun to drive in…

Click the thumbnail pic below to go to the store for a sample preview:

Oh, and there are a couple of other pedal pumping clips that we did featuring the car as well, so check those out while you’re there. VROOOM!!!!!! 🙂


Pedal Pumping Dirty Feet Fetish

Hey all!! We just started getting into doing pedal pumping videos and it’s a lot of fun! It took awhile because I don’t have a drivers license, so I got my close friend Bunnie to take us out in her car.

We went to the beach and she walked around in her bare feet for a few minutes, getting them quite dirty and full of sand and really dug her toes in and sifted it out between them (wiggly toe time!). Then she got into her car and worked the clutch and pedals with her sandy feet while driving around the beach. It was pumping good fun! lol

Check out the thumbnail below or go directly to the Dirty Feet Pedal Pumping clip now! Also, there is another similar one showing sandals just above that vid, so enjoy them both…

Pump ya later!! 🙂


Lollipits Video

Hi guys and girls! I recently filmed my neighbor, Geena, doing an armpit fetish video licking a lollipop and then rubbing the sticky candy along her armpits and pressing and pulling on it. We thought it would be a funny play on words to call it “lollipits”, so I thought I’d post about it here to see if you agree. Perfect name or not?

Oh, and she wanted me to ask my readers for any future clip suggestions, as she’s new to the scene and wants to know what others want to see her do. In the meantime, check out her Lollipits video here or check out the screenshot I posted below.

More to come later!!


Armpit Shaving Clips

Hi everyone! I wanted to write a quick post to let you know that my sister and I have been updating our femdom crush clip store on a regular basis every week and the latest one features Kat shaving her armpits in the bathroom. So, if you like armpit shaving then check it out by clicking the link! If I did it right then it should take you directly to the video.

Here is a sample pic from that session…

Crush ya later!! 🙂


New Foot Crushing Videos

Yes, I finally have some new foot crushing videos posted on my crush clips store here. Being back in college I got so busy that I never had time to indulge my favorite fetish, but I’ve made up for it by posting several new vids in the past few days.

I’ve trampled and stomped to bits everything from bread to toothpaste to electronics and even a couple of movies I hated. That was a fun one!! They’re all shot inside because it’s winter here, but soon I’ll be outside and I have lots of plans for new scenes to shoot. That should keep my fans happy for awhile 🙂

I also want to upgrade my shitty camera to something in HD quality, so if anyone out there wants to be the generous donor for that one just let me know your contact info (email) in the comments. In the meantime, here are a couple of video screenshots from the latest clips.

Crush ya later!!

NOTE: The Clips4sale site where my store is has been having problems lately and sometimes doesn’t load properly or even show any content, so if you don’t see any clips listed (there should be dozens of them), then just bookmark it and try again later. Thanks!


Plastic Toy Car Crush Video

It’s been awhile since I added one of my own crushing videos here, but I made a few new ones recently, which can be purchased at my foot crush clips store for just a few dollars, so I thought I’d put up a teaser clip for everyone to see first. All I ask is that you support my clip store, so I can continue to make more of these. Learn how to get my videos free here!

This is from a plastic toy car crush video and features my famous red trampling boots, which is more like stomping here with all the parts flying as I smash everything to bits! Those poor race cars never knew what hit them! lol

I’m able to do a few select requests, if there is anything interesting you would like to see crushed. Just leave a comment with your idea below…